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Happy Children

This program is not a waiver service.

​Your child can receive services immediately following approval.

Our Intake and Evaluation takes up to 30 days for final approval.

This Program allows the parents to be involved with the development of their child's service plan. 


House of Great Care services both children in need of assistance with skilled and unskilled needs.


Our professional team members are all certified and/or licensed CNA's LPN's or RN's.


Our professional services may included but are not limited to:

  • Medical Administration

  • Hygiene Care

    • (Bathing, Oral Care, etc.)

  • Feeding

  • Dressing

  • Turn or Reposition Assistance

  • Nebulizers and Compressors

  • Emergency Safety Protocol

  • Transfers

  • G-tube Care and Cleaning

  • Trach Care

  • Observation

  • Respiratory Treatment

    • Nebulizer, Vest, and CPT Treatment​

  • Wheelchair Assistance

  •  Physical Therapy

Our services are an excellent solution for families seeking professional assistance with their child's daily living arrangements and activities of daily living (ADLs). The GAPP Program provides daily care assistance to caretakers for their child, starting with helping the child out of bed and providing grooming, dressing, and a nutritious breakfast to start the day on the right foot. Our experienced staff can also assist with evening hygiene routines and daily range of motion exercises and therapy equipment usage to ensure a peaceful night's sleep. This program can be advantageous for promoting a healthier lifestyle for both the child and the parent.
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